Why should I choose KT Production?

Because we care! It means a lot to us that your projects turn out well. We lose sleep if they don’t. Also because we have a well-rounded crew, with emphasis in every aspect of mailing and printing. And of course — we are just plain nice people — you’ll really like working with us.

Can you handle all of my mailings?

Yes. We love doing the high touch, smaller quantity mailings going to VIPs, which we produce in our on-site mailshop. But we also have a well-developed pool of larger mailshops that we work with daily, for our clients’ larger quantity mailings.

I don’t know the first thing about printing or mailing. How will you know what to do?

We have handled so many types of mailings over the years that we are very skilled at asking the right questions to help flesh out the details of what you need. You just describe your project in your own words, and we seamlessly translate it into the language, rules, and details of the printing and mailing world. We live and breathe print and mail specifications, so you don’t have to. We coordinate all necessary postal filings, postage fund requests, and USPS proof of mailings.

Will KT Production be able to stay within my budget? Are there any added costs, after you submit your quote?

As long as the specs don’t change (quantity and details), we will meet or beat the budget every time! We are conservative when we quote — we don’t want you to have any surprises at the end (and we REALLY don’t like being off-budget). When specs change as the project develops, we’ll let you know how the changes will affect the pricing.

How many people will I have to work with at KT?

You’ll have one dedicated KT production manager, who will occasionally bring in another KT expert to help on specific technical aspects of the project.

What exactly would I be responsible for?

You are responsible for delivering art (or printed materials) and data in good order according to the schedule; reviewing and approving printing proofs and personalization samples in a timely manner; and forwarding postage funds in advance as requested. We really care about your project, and those are the things we need most from you in order for things to go smoothly.

What quality controls do you have in place?

One of the best quality controls we have is that we always have 2 sets of eyes on proofs — printing and personalization — yours and ours! Beyond that, we double check and approve every production step: data programming, personalization, insertion, and live mail packages.

What is the average turn-time for a mailing?

Typically a mailing takes about 4 weeks–2 weeks devoted to printing and 2 weeks devoted to a full mailshop production process. A simpler project could take as little as 1 or 2 weeks, and a more complicated specialty package (such as inline, address labels, or membership cards) could take 6 weeks.

If KT takes over production, can you use any of my former vendors?

We love to discover new vendors, so please feel free to suggest your favorites. We have a rigorous qualification process that takes some time, but will tell us if they can deliver the quality, service, and pricing that is required to become a KT Preferred Vendor.